Put quite simply: We care.

We believe this simple fact makes all the difference. Working with a supply chain partner who cares can be the difference between success and failure on any given shipment.

Whether it’s working a problem late in to the night rather than clocking out at 5 leaving issues unresolved, leveraging the relationships we’ve established with carriers and vendors to find solutions to difficult problems, or following a shipment just a little closer because we know how important it is to our customer, DJR’s staff takes personal pride in providing the very best customer service possible.

When things go smoothly, we share in your enjoyment. When things go poorly, we take it as hard as you do. And when we can find a solution to help solve a problem, we go home at the end of the day with the satisfaction of knowing we did everything we possibly could to help.

We care

Whether you are a new shipper looking for guidance in navigating the world of international transportation, or an established shipper looking for a fresh perspective on your supply chain, you can expect the following from DJR’s staff:

Personalized service

We do not believe in forcing our customers to fit in to our perfectly neat predetermined boxes. We will tailor our services to fit exactly what you need. Management will personally review your supply chain to ensure that our services are adjusted to fit just exactly what you need, and provide you with a customer service representative as a single point of contact that will work directly with you to oversee and ensure a smooth flow within the supply chain. We’ve structured our service this way for two reasons: it gives our customers a single, visible, point of contact they can go to for anything they might need, and it helps to ensure that our staff takes personal pride in the handling of every transaction to the best of their ability. Our staff will know your product, your supply chain, your strengths and weakness, and your needs as intimately as you do.

Unmatched Expertise

We recognize the value of establishing SOP’s to help guide the actions of our staff. However, we also believe that SOP’s can be limiting, and if our staff is only trained on SOP’s they lack the ability to maneuver when things don’t go exactly as planned. In the world of international logistics, one should always expect the unexpected. We believe in ensuring that our staff is trained not only in how to handle the perfect shipment, but also understand the context and the ins and outs of international transportation, which allows us to maneuver swiftly and to draw on our experience and expertise to help resolve issues when they arise.

Contact us today to find out how working with a dedicated and reliable supply chain partner can make the difference.