Air Cargo Security

DJR Logistics takes a multi-layered approach to air cargo security. Companies shipping and transporting cargo onto passenger planes are vetted to ensure they meet TSA security standards. Air carriers and IACs screen cargo using approved screening methods and technologies and DJR and their authorized representatives conduct random and risk-based targeting to identify high-risk cargo that requires secondary screening. DJR continually assess compliance with security regulations and we endeavor to be the last line of defense for our clients and our country when it comes to security standards.

Regulatory & Security Compliance

DJR recognizes regulatory compliance as one of the key services in our Centers of Excellence. Experts are located in each region and are knowledgeable about local Regulatory Compliance procedures, and they contribute to our Centers of Excellence methodology.

As a partner to our customers, DJR is committed to providing the appropriate business support to achieve and maintain supply chain excellence. Our Regulatory Compliance Team works in collaboration with our customer’s appropriate stakeholders to stay ahead of the rapidly changing laws and regulations, while helping them apply the necessary process and systems changes to stay compliant. The following support services and initiatives sponsored by the DJR Compliance Team are available to our customers for consideration:

  • Full-time Hazardous Materials / Safety unit
  • TSA Approved Indirect Air Carrier
  • Reasonable Care guidelines for importing and exporting goods globally
  • Documentation requirements for importing and exporting cargo properly
  • Denied parties screening (all Government agencies)
  • Export licensing, embargoes, transshipment advice
  • Management of meeting export data requirements by country (includes Electronic Export Filings (EEI)
  • Hazardous Material documentation and procedures
  • Advanced electronic data filings for all modes, to all destinations
  • DJR Compliance Education Services
  • Trade & Compliance Best Practices for Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers
  • Facilitate customers’ requests on all matters that involve working with the Government through DJR liaisons with Government agencies; Support in the assessment and development of Risk Management strategies

DJR draws upon decades of global experience and expertise to help our clients manage the complexities of international trade and global Compliance. With our assistance, all clients can seamlessly cross borders.

DJR Logistics Cargo Services