DJR provides personalized transportation solutions through our US operations, Hong Kong operations, and our network of overseas agents. We will monitor your shipments from origin to destination, and you will receive updates on the loading, delivery, departure, and arrival of your cargo. DJR’s experienced personnel will stay in touch with you each step of the way, and will provide a realistic assessment of the arrival of your shipments.

DJR Offers:

  • Headquarters in both the United States and Hong Kong
  • Competitive transportation rates through our extensive Steamship and Airline service contracts
  • Cross-border transportation services between Hong Kong and China
  • A worldwide network of agents committed to the same customer service level as DJR
  • Compliance with all 24 hour advanced manifest regulations, including the ISF (10+2) regulations effective in 2008
  • Electronic capabilities including Track and Trace, PO management systems, and online booking and quoting

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