DJR has the experience and the technology to ensure a smooth flow of both cargo and information. We provide personalized transportation management of international shipments to the port of arrival or your customer’s door. Our staff makes sure the job is done right the first time.

DJR Offers:

  • Multiple carriers and competitive pricing through our core of steamship company contracts
  • Compliance with all US export regulations including: filing of AES reports, export licensing, embargo, restricted trade practices, denied parties list
  • Security, including:
    • Timely AMS filings for ocean freight
    • Compliance with all DHS/TSA regulations
    • Employee and vendor threat assessments
  • Compliance with all 24 hour advanced manifest regulations, including the ISF (10+2) regulations effective in 2008
  • HAZMAT certified employees
  • Banking services, including site drafts and international letters of credit
  • Electronic capabilities including Track and Trace, PO management systems, and online booking and quoting

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