Whether you are new to the international arena or an established shipper, you may find the following resources helpful as you plan and execute your shipments.

Industry Resources

Importer Security Filings – Information on ISF filing requirements for all ocean cargo arriving to the United States.

DJR Importer Security Filing Form – When completed in full this form provides us with all the information necessary to electronically file an ISF on behalf of the importer. For Hong Kong, click here.

National Customs Broker & Freight Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) – The NCBFAA represents the nation’s leading freight forwarders, customers brokers, NVOCC’s and air cargo agents.

International Air Transportation Association (IATA) – IATA represents and serves the air transport industry.

Journal of Commerce – The Journal of Commerce is an excellent source for up to date industry news.

American Association of Exporters & Importers (AAEI) – The AAEI is an organization of exporters and importers that lobbies governments for the promotion of fair and open trade policies.

Exchange Rate Information – Provides updated exchange rates for most currencies.

Government Resources

Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) – The FMC is an independent government agency responsible for regulating foreign trade.

Department of Transportation (DOT) – DOT represents and serves the domestic transport industry in the United States.

World Trade Organization (WTO) – The WTO is the only global organization that deals with the rules of trade between nations. The WTO helps exporters, importers and producers of both goods and services conduct business internationally.

US Department of Commerce (DOC) – The DOC is a resource for overseas manufacturers and potential buyers that helps business navigate foreign markets and educates companies on how to tailor their activities to a specific market.

International Trade Administration (ITA) – The ITA provides assistance to businesses dealing with issues of international trade.

US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) – The US Customs & Border Protection is the primary enforcement agency protecting the nation’s borders.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) – The SBA is a resource that aids in both the start up and continual growth of small to medium sized businesses.

Other Government Agency Query – Information on various government agencies that may regulate the importation of cargo along with US CBP.